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Recruitment Workshops

More than anything else, we want to educate.
Our workshops will show your community how to capture retailers!

While most of our competitors offer services in which they recruit, we believe that it’s more effective when the community is involved. That being said, not every community is ready to just start contacting retailers and because of this, we offer recruitment workshops.

Our workshops are designed to prepare your community for the recruitment process. We teach you the how, when, and why of retailer recruitment so that you can effectively seek and find the restaurants and stores your constituents desire.

Our workshops are designed to be relaxed and easy to follow. NaviRetail team members will show your community just how retailers want to be contacted and which ones to seek first. Our workshops will last two days, which will vary based on the existing knowledge of your team. Each one is individually tailored to your community so you can be sure you’re getting the information most relevant and helpful to you.

If you’re ready to grow your selection of retailers, this is your chance. The NaviRetail team will be delighted to work alongside your city officials and stakeholders, educating them on accurate, modern, and effective retail recruitment. Contact us today to get started!

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