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Casey Kidd

A native of North Mississippi, Casey Kidd has worked as a development consultant across the U.S. for more than 12 years. His passion for unconventional data analysis, combined with his knack for working deals for clients from start to finish, make him a well-suited match for the ever-changing retail market. Kidd has worked with government officials and stakeholders in over 400 communities and 30 states — and can likely tell you the exact address of city hall, the nearest Walmart, and the best local brewery in each of them.

Aside from his expertise in data analysis and placemaking, Kidd is largely guided by his personal relationships with national retailers. These connections give him an insider’s perspective into specifics retailers look for when considering a new site, as well as how clients can position themselves more competitively in today’s market.

Early in his career, Kidd developed the first technology for interpreting cell phone data to track consumer movement and spending; and he continues to be committed to giving back to the industry with the development of cutting edge technology.

Before his love for data and dealmaking sent him on the road, Casey traveled as a professional musician and composer. His work is still brought to life by groups across the world, while he spends most of his days now on an airplane (possibly one he’s also piloting), on the phone, or at a desk making deals happen for small-town America.

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VikingFilmWorks-609 2
Casey Kidd
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