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Our Team

Team Photo Casey
Casey Kidd

A native of North Mississippi, Casey Kidd has worked as a retail consultant in cities and municipalities for over nine years. Through his experience in the industry, Kidd has had the opportunity to work with over 400 communities and in 30 states all across the nation.

Through personal relationships with many national retailers, Kidd founded the first ever retailer-led recruitment workshop. This development has empowered cities to recruit retail independently and with success.

Team Photo Walker
Walker Wright
Director of Business Development
Team Photo Dan
Dan Umberger
Director of Operations
Team Photo Carmen
Carmen Cristo
Director of Public Relations
Team Photo Christina
Christina Dixon
Director of Retail Marketing
Eli Headshot
Eli Tate
Director of Municipal Projects
Team Photo Jacy
Jacy Waldrop
Senior Graphic Designer
Jeff Leathers
General Counsel
Blake Spencer
Project Director
Carly David
Municipal Specialist
Peter Bishay
Erin Gersh
Executive Assistant
Team Photo Caleb
Caleb Warren
Graphic Designer
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