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Without reliable data, retail recruitment is next to impossible.
Thankfully, NaviRetail has the most accurate data available to the industry!

NaviRetail is unparalleled in its supply of modern and accurate data. We provide your community with the sort of data that retailers simply can’t ignore. Being able to trust the data you’re using is of the utmost importance, and we guarantee its accuracy. While our competitors simply rebadge data from others, we use proprietary algorithms to produce figures that represent your community the way it was intended.

Not only must the data be accurate, but it must also be delivered in a format that is easily understood by the retailer. There’s no need to distract site selectors with irrelevant figures when they know exactly which information they’re seeking. Luckily, NaviRetail is has this nailed down to a science. We know what the retailers want to see, but also what they don’t want to see. By representing these facts and figures in such a comprehensible light, you can be sure that your community shines!

Perhaps our most cutting-edge product yet, NaviSites is revolutionizing the way retail site selectors discover their next store location. Instead of overwhelming the retailer with all the sites in the database, we only show relevant sites to each individual retailer. Thus, saving the site selector time and making the city’s efforts more effective.

  • Setup of two (2) authorized full-feature users
  • Provide access to third-party data sources
  • Deploy standard reports, themes, and map templates
  • Implement expansion pack for Community
    • Maps
    • Trade Area Analysis
    • Reports
    • Void Analysis
    • Retail Match
    • Community Match
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